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Wuollet Bakery
Cuisine: American, Bakery, Dessert

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Picture for Restaurant Wuollet Bakery

Since opening in 1944, Wuollet Bakery has grown into a Twin Cities landmark with six metro locations making the finest tortes, celebration cakes, pastries and breads. Wuollet Bakery's products are the perfect accompaniment to morning coffee or an afternoon meeting. Wuollet Bakery is a third-generation, family business committed to producing the finest in products and services for years to come.

Cake donuts, chocolate iced cake donuts, sugar raised donuts, cinnamon twists, and chocolate iced raised donuts. 1 dozen: $38.00  2 dozen: $76.00


Your choice of:

Almond- Almond filling folded throughout a flat Danish pastry
Cherry- Sweet cherry filling
Cinnamon- Swirled with cinnamon
Lemon- tangy lemon with butter filling
Raspberry Cheese- Raspberry and cream cheese filling
Radio Roll- Butter croissant dough with pecans and brown sugar.

1 dozen: $46.00   2 dozen: $92.00


Your choice of :

Almond- Almond filling folded throughout a flat Danish pastry

Apricot Cheese- Alternating strips of apricot and cream cheese filling, dusted with powdered sugar

Cinnamon Creme- Cinnamon creme filling topped with pecan halves

Caramel Apple- Apple and cream cheese with caramel glaze

Raspberry Cheese- Alternating strips of raspberry and cream cheese filling


Lady Baltimore cake with buttercream icing,  devil’s food cake with chocolate fudge, red velvet with cream cheese icing,
carrot cake with cream cheese icing, devil’s food cake with Buttercream frosting. Minimum of 4 per kind.


Assortment of chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, peanut butter, snicker doodles and sugar.

Tray of three dozen - minimum of six per kind.


Brownie Enormous- (2x3) Pure chocolate chunks and walnuts
Butterboy Enormous- (2x3) The caramel version of Brownie enormous full of walnuts, butter and pure chocolate chips.
LaTortue wedge- A buttery shortbread pastry layered with pecans chocolate and caramel

Serves 18


The finest in white cake finished with buttercream icing.  Serves 10-12: $46.00 (8")   Serves 16: $68.00 (9")   Serves 16-24: $46.00 (1/4 Sheet)   Serves 32-48: $86.00 (1/2 sheet)


Rich, dark chocolate cake and rich chocolate fudge frosting. Serves 10-12: $46.00 (8")   Serves 16: $68.00 (9")   Serves 16-24: $46.00 (1/4 Sheet)   Serves 32-48: $86.00 (1/2 sheet)


Raspberries and Bavarian cream layered with genoise and wrapped in pastel marzipan. Requires refrigeration. Serves 10-12 (8")


Three layers of cake with two layers of Bavarian or fruit cream filling, in Chocolate, Grasshopper, Lemon, Raspberry, and Strawberry. Requires refrigeration. Serves 12: $60.00 (8")   Serves 16-24: $76.00 (1/4 sheet)   Serves 32-48: $136.00 (1/2 sheet)


A delicate cloud of flavor. Velvet-smooth mousse made of pure blue-ribbon chocolate on a dark chocolate flourless cake crust. Finished with a pure chocolate ganache. Requires refrigeration. Gluten free. Serves 10 (8")


Made with oat and almond flour. Serves 8-10.

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