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Rosen's City Tavern
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Picture for Restaurant Rosen's City Tavern

We bring to life all your old favorites from the legendary Rosen's City Tavern in Minneapolis. That means all our Signature recipe's, dishes and dressings. However, it's up to you to recreate our Happy Hour.

This three-step combination includes everything you need for a complete meal package. Choose a salad, vegetable platter and a type of sandwich platter. BONUS: Includes chips.   Add brownies or chocolate chip cookies: $0.95 per person.  2 hour notice required.


Choose either 1/3 lb. charbroiled burgers, German bratwurst or both for a great option to the traditional business lunch. Picnics are served with chips, a vegetable tray including tomatoes, lettuce and onions, condiments, beans and coleslaw. One burger or brat per person.   Add sliced cheddar cheese: $0.50 per person   Add Caesar or garden salad: $0.95 per person   Add brownie or chocolate chip cookies: $0.95 per person.   2 hour notice required. 


What a creative new meeting meal solution. Begin with a large individually foil wrapped baked potato. Top with your choice of soup including creamy broccoli, beef chili (two soups for each group of 18). Then mix in cheese, sour cream, bacon bits, diced tomatoes and green onions. Each potato bar is served with your choice of either a mixed green salad or Caesar.   Add brownie or chocolate chip cookie: $0.95   Add fruit: $1.50.   2 hour notice required.

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