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Crowd pleaser meal, very unique toppings, potatoes are extra special, meat was fantastic.
Rack Shack
Cuisine: American, American BBQ

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Picture for Restaurant Rack Shack

Rack Shack BBQ is award winning Southern Style ‘Q right in your own backyard. Featured on Man vs. Food, Ranked in the Top 50 on Travel Channel’s “101 Best Places to Chow-Down in America”, Voted Best BBQ by the KARE 11 Fans, and more! We’re family owned and operated. We’re smokin’ you BBQ using the freshest ingredients available. Our low and slow smokin’ style brings out that juicy, tender, BIG BBQ flavor! Our focus is on the food using our very own secret family recipes, our own special rub mix of 17 herbs and spices, and 8 of our own hand crafted signature sauces. Fire up your meeting with Rack Shack BBQ!

Choice of Beef Brisket, Pulled Chicken, Pulled Pork or Turkey Breast. Includes one sides and a sauce.


Choice of Beef Brisket, Pulled Chicken, Pulled Pork or Turkey Breast. Includes two sides and a sauce (No bun).


Exclusively made for Creative Corporate Catering customers. The potato bar on steroids. Featured on Man v Food Nation, our World Famous Hobo is reminiscent of the bits and pieces the rail riders would put together to make their famous Hobo Stew. We start with a baked potato split open and you can top with BBQ sour cream, corn bake, cheesy mac, BBQ beans, slaw, cheese sauce and your choice of Beef Brisket, Pulled Pork or Turkey Breast or all three meats. Serves 12: $154.99 (includes 1 pint of St Pauli BBQ Sauce)      Serves 24: $299.99 (includes 2 pint of St Pauli BBQ Sauce)


2 pounds of your choice of Beef Brisket, Pulled Pork or Turkey Breast. 2 pints of sides, 12 halved smoked potatoes with butter and sour cream, 6 cornbread wedges with butter and a BBQ sauce. Serves 6-8.



Premium "long bone" St. Louis cut pork ribs. They're slow smoked to ensure that great Rack Shack flavor and fall off the bone tenderness. Serves 4-8 (2 Full Racks - 24 bones): $64.00   Serves 8-16 (4 Full Racks - 48 bones): $124.99



Pork shoulder rubbed down with our own secret blend of 17 herbs and spices then slow smoked for 14 hours. Serves 2-4 (1 pound): $19.99   Serves 8-16 (4 pounds): $74.99



Rack Shack Certified Angus Beef Brisket rubbed just right with our 17-ingredient secret rub, then smoked all night for 14 hours. Serves 2-4 (1 pound): $24.99  or serves 8-16 (4 pounds): $99.99


Homemade coleslaw made fresh daily.  Perfect on the side of any BBQ meal. 1 pint: $7.99   1 quart: $13.99


Red potatoes, celery, green onion and bacon bits smothered in a cool dressing. 1 pint: $5.95   1 quart: $9.95


Black, kidney and baked beans with brisket slow cooked home style. 1 pint: $7.99   1 quart: $13.99


Kernel corn and cream corn topped baked with fresh bread cubes and butter. 1 pint: $7.99   1 quart: $13.99


Four cheese mac with diced jalapeno and a crunchy cracker topping. 1 pint: $7.99   1 quart: $13.99


Our potato is smoked alongside our ribs to produce a tender fluffy potato.  Served with butter and your choice of regular or our own BBQ sour cream. 1 pint: $7.99   1 quart: $13.99


Made from scratch and baked daily in cast iron skillets.  Serves 8


Seven hand crafted sauces by the Pint: $7.99  Quart: $13.99.

St. Paulie Sauce - Traditional BBQ sauce. "Minnesota" nice & mild.

Carolina Vinegar - East Coast vinegar sauce with some smooth heat.

Memphis Sweet - Smoky & Sweet with a little bit of heat!

Georgia Sticky - Sweet & Sticky mild sauce. Brown sugar & mustard base.

Kansas City Spice - A thick sauce with a Kansas City kick.

Savannah Heat - Hot & Sticky. Spiced mustard and brown sugar base.

Houston Oil Fire - Texas Hot! Hot! Hot! A rich and bold sauce.


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