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Perfect.He was very nice.Fruit was sweet and fresh. They made the substitution we needed.
Sandy S.
Driver was early. Very friendly and patient. It's always delicious. Will use again.
Jen S.
Driver: He was 15 min early, which worked well. He was very nice! Food: excellent Overall: wonderful.
Mahva J.
Driver: He was nice and early I like that. Sweetest guy, very nice. Food: Everyone loved them!
Cindy S.
Driver was a few minutes early. Everyone enjoyed the box lunches.
Lois R.
The order taker was very helpful and remembered helping me with another order. Driver was friendly and professional. Love the food selection. People liked the salads. Food was excellent. Happy with the service.
Rondi P.
People LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the chicken beneficial salad. Will order this again.
Lori A.
Outstanding job and great food presentation.
Toyin A.
Customer Service helped me with the amount of food. Driver was on time. I love the new uniforms. I got an extra salad. Yipee! I love D Brian's. We love the overall experience!
Diane N.
D Brian's
Cuisine: American, Bagels, Deli

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Picture for Restaurant D Brian's

D•Brian's Deli & Catering is committed to offering only the best and healthiest all natural foods. That's why our many delicious ingredients are all natural with no chemical preservatives and no artificial ingredients. Our produce is organic where indicated and all of our products are sourced in Minnesota whenever possible.

This tray of assorted bakery items is baked fresh in our stores every morning. Our muffins and scones are made from scratch using organic ingredients such as flour, butter and eggs. Each tray MAY include bagels, butter croissants, muffins, donuts, danish and scones. Minimum of 8.


Start your meeting off with this traditional breakfast. This buffet includes a bakery platter, a tray of fresh cut-up fruit, and juice or water. Minimum of 8.


This is the traditional hot breakfast sandwich with eggs, melted cheese and choice of meat (bacon, sausage, ham, or just egg with no-meat) . Served on ciabatta or English muffin. Minimum of 10.


Hash browns, English muffins, scrambled eggs and choice of bacon or sausage. Served in warm chafing dish (disposable). 24 Hour Notice Required. Minimum of 8.


A customer favorite at D Brian’s! Scrambled eggs, melted cheese, hash browns, chipotle cream cheese, pico de gallo and choice of meat (bacon, sausage, ham, or just egg with no-meat) wrapped in a flour tortilla. Minimum of 10.


Create your own breakfast tacos when we deliver the scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese, chopped sausage, two 8" tortillas per person and salsa. Minimum of 10.


Pre-made Parfaits with low fat vanilla yogurt layered with fresh strawberries, grapes and crunchy granola. Minimum of 8.


For continental breakfast, deli buffets or afternoon snacks, our fresh fruit platter is a delicious and nutritious addition to every event. We hand-cut the freshest seasonal fruit including strawberries, pineapple, cantaloupe, honeydew and grapes.


A colorful display of fresh seasonal fruit arrayed on a wooden skewer. This healthy and nutritious tray includes seasonal fruit such as strawberries, pineapple, cantaloupe and honeydew. Minimum of 8.


96 oz. box of regular or decaffeinated coffee includes: cups, cream, sweeteners and stir sticks. Serves 8.


Your choice of garden or Caesar salad served in a buffet bowl. Add Chicken: $2.00 per person.   Comes with breadsticks.


With romaine, carrots, roma tomatoes, cucumbers, mushrooms, hard boiled eggs, sunflower nuts, croutons and your choice of dressing. Serves 1.   Add chicken: $2.00


Herb roasted chicken , romaine, olives, roma tomatoes, parmesan and croutons and Caesar dressing. Serves 1.


Tossed romaine, herb roasted chicken, roma tomatoes, olives, onions, bacon, mushrooms, gorgonzola, avocado and your choice of dressing. Serves 1.


Smoked salmon, fresh avocado, egg, Roma tomatoes, Kalamata olives, crumbled feta, romaine (fat free citrus dressing)


Tossed romaine, hard boiled eggs, carrots, cucumbers, roma tomatoes and craisins with turkey breast, honey ham, mushrooms, cheddar cheese and your choice of dressing. Serves 1.


Romaine, Spinach, Baked chicken tenders, Feta cheese, tomatoes, cucumber, kalamata olives, chick peas. Great with balsamic vinaigrette dressing. Serves 1.   Add chicken: $2.00


Tossed romaine, spinach, roma tomatoes, walnuts, craisins and crouton topped with seared chicken, parmesan and balsamic vinaigrette. Serves 1.


The twin cities most popular box lunch! Pick your choice of sandwich, comes on whole wheat, marble rye, sourdough or 9-grain, homemade side and a dessert.

Turkey breast and Swiss
Honey ham and Swiss
Roast Beef and cheddar
Cran-almond chicken salad
Albacore tuna salad
Toasted BLT
Veggie avocado


The best just got better! Includes choice of side and choice of dessert.

Chicken Caesar
Buffalo chicken
Cucumber turkey
Hummus avocado
Cran-almond chicken
Spicy santa fe
Cashew Chicken


When you prefer a salad for your entrée. Pick your choice of salad. Includes fresh bread sticks and dessert choice. Dressing served on the side.  

Chicken Beneficial
Chicken Caesar
Cobb Avocado
Classic Chef
Spicey Santa Fe
Smoked Salmon Avocado



When you want the warmth of soup consider these boxes which pair a 1/2 sandwich with a cup of soup. Each box includes crackers, baby carrots, dessert and chocolate mint. Choose any deli sandwich AND a cup of soup from the list below.


Turkey breast and Swiss
Honey ham and Swiss
Roast Beef and cheddar
Cran-almond chicken salad
Albacore tuna salad
Toasted BLT
Veggie avocado


Cheddar tomato
Creamy chicken wild rice
Beef chili with red beans
Beef veggie
Vegan veggie
Spicy chicken tortilla
Chicken noodle


Easy to eat and very satisfying. This platter offers a wide variety of miniature sandwiches. Sandwich choices include:

Turkey breast with muenster
Honey ham and Swiss

Garlic roast Beef with cheddar
Veggie avocado with provolone.

Recommend 1 1/2 per person. Minimum of 12. Serves 8.


Focaccia bread is flavored with extra virgin olive oil, basil and sage and ciabatta is known for its crisp crust and soft, porous texture. This platter makes for an excellent selection when your group wants to be creative. We create these sandwiches with roma tomatoes, romaine, and a variety of cheese and meat. Vegetarian option will be included. We recommend 1 1/2 sandwiches per person. Minimum 12 halves (serves 8). $4.49


We prepare these delicious 4" wraps using only the freshest ingredients. design your own platter by choosing quantity and variety from among these favorites:
Cucumber turkey with Greek tzatziki (cucumber) sauce on a spinach wrap
Chicken Caesar wrap with Parmesan cheese
Hummus avocado wrap with fresh avocado on a spinach wrap
Cran-almond chicken on a spinach wrap
Buffalo chicken on sun-dried tomato wrap.

Recommend 1 1/2 wraps per person. Minimum 12 wraps (serves 8)


We use fresh-baked bread to create these all-time favorite deli sandwiches. Each sandwich is cut in half for sharing and includes thinly sliced meat paired with two slices of cheese and vegetable condiments.

Choices include:
Veggie avocado on 9-grain
Applewood ham and Swiss on rye
Turkey breast and muenster on honey wheat
Garlic roast beef and cheddar on 9-grain
Cran-almond chicken salad on sourdough.


This sandwich platter has something for everybody including an assortment of 4″ wraps, a variety of ciabatta sandwiches, and a selection of half deli sandwiches. One sandwich will satisfy a small appetite while others will want two sandwiches.
Vegetarian option available. We recommend 1 1/2 per person. Minimum of 12 sandwiches (serves 8)


Give your guests the ability to create their own meal. Each order includes a platter of thin-sliced deli meat (turkey breast, applewood ham, and slow-cooked roast beef) a fine selection of assorted cheese, a tray of fresh vegetable toppings, and a variety of breads. Mustard and mayo included. Vegetarian option available. Minimum of 8.


For appetizers or grazing, this platter is a pleaser. delicious cheese and sliced salami are artfully arranged around a variety of gourmet crackers then garnished with grapes. Serves 8-10: $39.99   Serves 15-20: $69.99.


A favorite for light, nutritious snacking. an assortment of fresh vegetables with a generous portion of hummus and ranch dressing for dipping. Serves 8-10: $39.99   Serves 15-20: $69.99.


Hummus and homemade tuna salad are paired with gourmet crackers, Kalamata olives, cucumbers, grape tomatoes and gourmet crackers. Serves 8-10: $59.99   Serves 15-20: $89.99


Your choice of: chicken wild rice, vegetarian garden vegetables, cheddar tomato, Texas chili with beef and red beans, spicy chicken tortilla and Home-style chicken noodle. Served with a bread sticks. Includes cups, spoons and ladle.

Cup: $3.99    Bowl: $4.49   Serves 6-8: $29.99


An assortment of our bakery-fresh cookies, brownies and rice krispie bars.

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