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Very impressive selections of both breads and assorted fruit.
Susan R.
Driver was a little early which was good. Be'Wiched is always Good.
Dorothy K.
Nancy confirmed my order! The driver was early which was nice. Be'Wiched is yummy! Love it!
Diane N.
CEM was very helpful. Driver was prompt and gave great service. Food: Good Stuff. Yum! Pleasant experience.
Rondi C.
Be'Wiched was AWESOME! The minestrone soup was delicious.
Duann T.
Cuisine: American, Deli

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Portion Size: Small


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Same Day Orders: Yes

Picture for Restaurant Be'wiched

At Be'wiched we use local, natural and sustainable ingredients. We feature house cured and smoked meats, artisanal and fresh baked bread and homemade desserts.

Organic Sumatran Coffee. Cups, stir sticks and sugar packets included. Serves 8.


Assorted pastries including items such as freshly baked scones, brioche caramel rolls and muffins. (small cut in thirds). Serves 6-9 (15 pieces): $27.50  Serves 10-12 (30 pieces): $43.00


Assorted pastries including items such as mini quiches, turnovers, scones and savory breakfast breads. Serves 6-9: $29.50   Serves 10-12: $47.50


Half dozen caramel rolls.


Fresh, seasonal, chopped fruit. Serves 10: $41.50   Serves 20: $71.00


Serves 6-9: $19.50   Serves 10-12: $34.00   Add chicken for either salad $7.00

Choose from our wide array of delicious salads.

Romaine: Caesar style, white anchovy and grana padano.

Spinach: Smoked apple, brie and savory pecans.

Greens: Picked herbs, citrus with fennel vinaigrette.

Potato: Herbed potatoes, capers and boiled egg,

Cous cous: Slow cooked greens and vegetables with Moroccan spice.

Pasta: Orecchiette, tuna confit, black olive and fresh tomato.

Coleslaw: Shaved cabbage, organic carrots, cane sugar parsley dressing.


Choose from Deli (half sandwich) or Deluxe (whole sandwich) box lunch.

Deli (half sandwich): $11.50   Deluxe (whole sandwich): $13.50

Sandwich choices are:

Pastrami on rye, with pickled cabbage and coarse grain mustard.

Roast beef on ciabatta with horseradish, havarti and onion jam

Smoked turkey on ciabatta with bacon, medjool date and goat cheese

Poached chicken salad with dijon, local cheddar on baguette

Asparagus on focaccia with fromage blanc, piperade and black glazed fennel.

Smoked ham with brie, apple mostarda on baguette.

Egg salad with roasted sweet & hot peppers on focaccia

Tuna confit with black olive, cucumber & preserved lemon on focaccia

Comes with a small salad, chips and sweet. (Minimum of 5, no exceptions). Can be gluten free with gluten free bread or lettuce in place of bread.


Chef's choice of a variety including pastrami, roast beef, asparagus and smoked turkey. Special requests for an additional fee. Serves 6-9: $57.50 (15 pieces)   Serves 10-12: $72.00 (20 pieces)   Serves 13-15: $102.00 (25 pieces)


Rye pickled cabbage and coarse grain mustard. Regular: $10.00   Gluten Free: $11.00   New York style (with twice the pastrami): $15.50   Gluten Free: $17.50


Onion bun, dark spices and coleslaw. Gluten Free: +$2.00


Focaccia, black olive, cucumber & preserved lemon.


Ciabatta, bacon, medjool dates and goat cheese.  Gluten Free: +$2.00


Baguette, Dijon and local cheddar.   Gluten Free: +$2.00


Ciabatta, horseradish, havarti and onion jam.  Gluten Free: +$2.00


Focaccia, fromage blanc, piperade and black pepper glazed fennel.  Gluten Free: +$2.00


Baguette, brie and apple mostarda.  Gluten Free: +$2.00


Hoagie, cold cuts, mozzarella and gardiniera.  Gluten Free: +$2.00


Focaccia, roasted sweet and hot peppers.  Gluten Free: +$2.00


Onion bun, organic grains, mushrooms and roasted beets.  Gluten Free: +$2.00


Minestrone, Vegetarian Soup, Meat Soup.
Cup: $4.00   Bowl: $6.00   Serves 6-8: $28.50 (half gallon) - Does not include bowls, cups, spoons or ladle.


Homemade cookies, brownies and rice krispie bars. Serves 10.


Lemon Thyme, Corn Cookie, Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter or Snickerdoodle.


Layer bar with peanut crust, nougat layer, carmel-cashew layer and topped chocolate ganache.

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