Sesame Café
It was very good! Plenty of food. Egg rolls were good – it was nice that they were complimentary. I would order from them again.
Ceil T.
Tucci Benucch
Driver: Snow storm! Did the best he could! No complaints. Food: Excellent Overall: Great.
Andrea N.
TGI Friday's
10 minutes early. Fantastic. Beautifully served. Generous Portions.Fresh assorted vegetables cooked to perfection. Interesting menu selections and assortment.It was a big hit.
Michelle F.
Brothers Delicatessen
Marie worked with me as I needed veggie sandwich from Brothers. Ed is always on time - he is the best! Very gentleman like! Ed always checks the order for us. The brothers was good. Their potato salad is the best non-home cooked we have tasted. Everyone like their own potato salad, but the Brothers is very good.
Dorothy K.
D Brian's
Driver: He was 15 min early, which worked well. He was very nice! Food: excellent Overall: wonderful.
Mahva J.
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