7th Street Tavern
The food was very good and everyone enjoyed it. We had the Tabouli salad, Gyros and Shish Kabobs, which everyone liked. I wouldn’t hesitate to order from them again.
Julie D.
The food from Eddington’s was great! The soup was very tasty and flavorful. The presentation was good as well. The cost is also very inexpensive compared to other boxed lunch options from other vendors.
Cindy T.
D Brian's
Driver: He was nice and early I like that. Sweetest guy, very nice. Food: Everyone loved them!
Cindy S.
D Brian's
Outstanding job and great food presentation.
Toyin A.
Jake's City Grille
CS- Patient. I changed my mind two times.Arrived early but I have crock pots and a big fridge. Onus cookies were packaged so nicely. Love the basket. Gumbo was gone within the first 15 minutes. Will do the gumbo again. Different side-wraps were messy.
Sandy S.
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