Amore Uptown
Driver was on time and called 5 minutes in advance. Everything I asked for was there.Won't hesitate to call again.
John P.
I received many nice comments about the food. Several people commented specifically about how the chicken was prepared. I would use Chevys again!
Jill B.
Lunds Byerlys
Driver- Followed instructions and drove to the correct bldg.-Right on time. Food looked great. Thank You!
Joy D.
Italian Pie Shoppe
He was very helpful and courteous. Thank You the food was enjoyed by all who attended our meeting and we were able to refer them to the Italian Pie Shoppe.
Quinneka L.
Baja Sol
Driver was early which was great and he even carried everything to the conference room for me!Excellent! We were so impressed! Thank You!
Jamie S.
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