Hen House Eatery
This was one of the best, freshest and very good lunches, especially the salmon. Some of our people are talking about going to the Hen House for lunch on their own. Two thumbs up!!!
Tanya W.
Tucci Pronto
The food from Tucci Pronto was awesome! It was amazingly good! In fact, we’ve placed another order for Thursday. The brownies were moist, wonderful and chocolatey. The toasted ravioli was so good. Everyone raved about the food. The salad presentation was amazing. When we opened the lid we were in awe. The food looked and smelled great and we are excited to have it again!
Angie B.
Sesame Café
It was very good! Plenty of food. Egg rolls were good – it was nice that they were complimentary. I would order from them again.
Ceil T.
Brothers Delicatessen
Driver was on time! Thank you! Everyone was very pleased with the food! Yum! Excellent! Thank you!!
Lori D.
Italian Pie Shoppe
He was very helpful and courteous. Thank You the food was enjoyed by all who attended our meeting and we were able to refer them to the Italian Pie Shoppe.
Quinneka L.
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