Famous Dave's
CS- Excellent. Went all over to find out what was gluten free. Thank You.Driver-Excellent. Put out the food and was very pleasant. Food was great!
Andrea N.
Tucci Benucch
Everyone enjoyed the food-especially the salad. I tried another vendor about a month ago. They messed up the first order and the fixes.There is another local business trying to get my business too but they won't be able to give the exceptional service you offer me!
Teresa D.
The Italian Gourmet
Driver was very friendly and upbeat. Did not eat it but others liked it. Chocolate covered strawberries were great.
Becky J.
Sesame Café
It was very good! Plenty of food. Egg rolls were good – it was nice that they were complimentary. I would order from them again.
Ceil T.
Famous Dave's
The CEM was very helpful and courteous. The driver was early, very nice and smiley. The food was delicious. Thank you!! :-)
Emily S.
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