Italian Pie Shoppe
The driver was wonderful! Delicious food. Thank you! Excellent Job - Please keep up the fine job.
Toyin A.
Hen House Eatery
Big thumbs up on the Hen House. Fresh, tasty, good fruit, yummy bread – what more could a girl ask? Great pick!
Mort's Delicatessen
Driver: Even early, can we do a perfect 10? Went back, got chips which was very, very, nice! Food: unknown personally but one individual in meeting said it was good. Overall: Another perfect 10!
Lee G.
Italian Pie Shoppe
He was very helpful and courteous. Thank You the food was enjoyed by all who attended our meeting and we were able to refer them to the Italian Pie Shoppe.
Quinneka L.
Good Earth
Person confirming the order was helpful and courteous. Driver was great. Love Good Earth.
Sara L.
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